AutoNumber attributes error

Hi! I am getting he following error when I create the structure of a list, like in the snapshot bellow . Any help would be much appreciated! :)
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Hi Iulia Triff

Mendix will not support AutoNumber for Offline profile and for non-persistent entity.

Incase if you want to us the auto number function have an attribute in the parent entity as count and increment is always and assign it to child entity.

For example: Taking example of the Training Registration app that you are working!

From the screenshot I see that you are trying to show the list of Registration

And let’s refer the

Registration entity = Child entity

TrainingEvent entity = Parent entity

1 Training Event has * Registrations


Maintain an attribute in the TrainingEvent entity. Always increase the attribute with +1 while after creating the Registration entity.

That will be similar to auto number functionality!


Hope it help!