Creating CSV heading and having desired format for columns

Hi there! I am creating an application where from an entity I am taking the data and also, I have created a button that help me in downloading the data in a csv file. I want to add heading to the csv file downloaded and also the columns to be visible in the desired format. So is it possible to have a layout or something like that like a pdf so I can have the column heading and the desired way to shuffle the columns of the data. Also i am getting empty columns in between in the csv file. This is the image of the csv.
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You should be able to get the correct file by setting up the columns in a grid and use the standard export button with the CSV option. Alternatively you could use the module from the marketplace: that will cover your needs I think.

I haven't updated the module for a while but this should be straightforward enough opening it a a lower version an then upgrade to the desired version and export the module and import it into your project.