Why are multiple mpr files coming into the project folder while updating the copy or merging the branchline with mainline?

Each file is created with each revision number. I observed this issue twice. 1. While updating the local copy 2. While merging the branchline into mainline   Few of the mpr files are 0KB and few of them are of similar  size of the actual mpr file. 1. I deleted the 0KB files - no errors seen but the bigger files still remain. 2. On deleting the bigger files - changes corresponding to this revision are reverted back which leads to conflicts and errors.   The first time we faced this issue, we reverted back to the safe revision and redone the changes. Now we are working on a new branchline, but still issue comes up.   Issue does not come during first commit, it only shows up when the copy is updated.  
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Those files are from Subversion, the version control system that Mendix 8 uses. They usually occur when you are merging a branch and there is a conflict.


Once you have merged your branch, is Mendix complaining that there are conflicts to resolve? If there are, resolve them, and the files you have highlighted should disappear.


Good luck!