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Good Morning,   I have two user roles.   I user role will just have the minutes page. So we do not want this showing on the navigation bar as it the default and only page.   Another user role has this minutes page plus other pages. Is there a way of having the Minutes page it show on the navigation bar for this user role but not show on the navigation bar for the general user?  screenshots below     Thanks   Jess  
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This is possible.


Some basics

  • A user role is actually a collection of module roles.
  • Module roles can be given access to a page.
  • When a user role has a module role with a page assigned, then a user with that user role will have access to that page
  • When set a navigation item, the item will be displayed.

Base don this if you have two user roles which require different page access. 

  • Create 2 module role in the related module.
  • Assign each module role to ONE user role. one module for one user role.
  • Assign page access to the module roles according to the desired behavior.
  • Create navigation items for the required pages. 
  • Done


After reading your question again, the Minutes page is the default home page and the "normal" user should only see the homepage w/o having the Minutes navigation item. Although having access to it. right?

This can be solved easily by removing the page access for the module role of the normal user. Since the default homepage will be accessible for all roles even if they haven't explicit access given. Unless the user role has a userrole specific homepage.


If I understand your question properly, you can achieve this using a nanoflow to navigate to the Minutes page.

Role1 has access to the Minutes page but not the other pages or the nanoflow. Minutes is the role-base homepage for the role

Role2 has access to all pages and also has access to the nanoflow which navigates to the Minutes page

The navigation menu includes the nanoflow and all other pages which only Role2 has access to. Therefore the navigation items will only show for Role2 and nothing for Role1