Document template - not going to a new page

Good Afternoon,   I have a document template that if too many notes are entered it doesn't transfer to a new page. I need it to just carry on on a new page like it would if it was a word document.   This is it on the document template.     This is what it looks like on the local.     How do I get it so that it follows over to the next page?   I put and 11th item on and it just disappears.   Thanks   Jess
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Hi Jessica,


There might by a style property applied to your grid to prevent page breaks in the element. 

Have a look if you find something like 'page-break-inside: avoid' on your grid or table in the properties pane. 

Or perhaps an 'overflow: hidden' on the grid or table which prevents the rest of the rows from rendering. 


Here's a similar question, though it doesn't have an accepted answer - maybe it'll help:


Otherwise, if you have the option, I would highly recommend the new PDF Document Generator, which makes this sort of thing a lot easier.