Add 100 attributes

Hello everybody,   I need to add many attributes, they are all strings and need to be attributes because of the way other parts of the app look for data from that kind of entity.   Is adding them one by one the only way? Is there any work around to add them by code / text based commands / macros?   I have to stress in this situation I can't create an other "string entity" and create many of those and associate them to the original entity, they need to be attributes.   Thanks a lot for the answers!
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I'm curious why it's required to have that many attributes on an entity, I would definitely discuss that before implementing.

An alternative approach could be to implement a key-value list of properties, like this:



If you do want to continue as proposed, you can make use of the Mendix SDK to interact with your Mendix model via scripting. It's using NodeJS and you can alter a project in this way. More info: Introduction Mendix SDK


Good luck!