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Hi Guys, I just want to ask for information.   I have these entities in the domain model:   Job -JobId -JobName -JobDescription   Interview -InterviewId -CandidateName   Question -Question_Job   Answer -Answer   The relationship is Interview * - 1 Job Questions * - 1 Job Answers * - 1 Questions   I want to have a request where there should be only 1 job with 1 questions with many interviews, each interview should have a unique and different answer but on my end, I can only save or return 1 answer to all interviews, whenever I create a new interview the answers from the previous interview will be override and replaced by the newly created interview and all answers are the same to the current interviews to the job.   Is there a way for me to set the data to the current interview? Any suggestions please feel free to comment.   Thank you in advance
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Hi Gil,

You want to make sure that you have an association between the interview and the answer. Otherwise you cannot figure out who gave which answer to a specific question.

The following section of the Rapid Learning Path will give you some insight in how to use Information Entities in your model

Below is a simple example on how you could set it up


When you create an interview, you will probably want to use a microflow to do the following (starting from the Job)

Create Interview and associate to Job

Retrieve All Questions related to the Job

Create a list of Answers

Iterate over the QuestionList

Create an Answer for each Question Iteration and associate to the Iterated Question as well as to the Interview

Add the Answer to the list

Outside of the loop you can commit the answers and the interview

Open a page where you display the interview (on that page you can also display the list of answers)


Hope this helps