Answer is overwritten.

Hi, I would like to ask for information.   Refer below for entities in the domain model.   All is working as expected, and I am able to create an interview (you may refer to this as the job entity) with the job question and candidate all on one page with the interview as the parameter. So for each interview (job), I can create job questions and candidates.   So on my candidates tab page, I am able to conduct an interview by clicking on a button with a specific candidate and all the questions related to the interview (job), but the issue is that the candidate's answer [NPE_Answer] is overwritten when I interview another candidate, overwriting the first answer into the second answer. This means that the answer is not connected to each candidate.   I would like to conduct each candidate's interview, with each candidate answering individually. Is there any mistake or suggestion you can feel free to inform me of? I tried anything I could think of, but nothing worked on my end.   Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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The model seems to be able to do this, the issue might be in the way you create your answer records.

Some debugging of the microflows you are using for this will probably reveil the issue.