Git squash ?

Hi community,   I don't know if anyone has the same issue, but my git repository is getting super big ... the mpk file is 60Mb, so each time I commit, it increases the size of the repo, which is now ~3Gb (after git optimizations and prune etc). So everytime I want to create a package, Studio Pro takes 15min at least (cause it downloads the whole repo...) I would like to squash commits between tags, in order to reduce the size of the repo (unless you have a better idea), but with the binary mpk, it's obviously several days of work, cause I have to manually merge it for every commit (which involves to restart Studio Pro for each commit, cause Studio Pro loses its mind when there are some updates on the file system which have not been made inside Studio Pro).   Does anyone know how to automate squashing with Mendix mpk ? Or any other option to reduce the size of the repo ..   Thanks
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YOu can try one of following options

1. Use Rebase: Rewrite portion of commit history, it is used to combine, squash, or even delete commits.

2. Clean unused branches 

3. Use optimize repository- i think it internally use 'git gc'

4. Clean up the repository using git outside the studio, and then sync back with latest version.