Studio pro freezes a lot

Studio pro freezes a lot to the point that I only have 5 minutes to work before I have the end the task in task manager. Is there any solution of known issues? When I open it I get the message that indicate the application is already open. Restart or Shutdown did not work.   I happened more frequently in mendix 10. I work on 10.4.0
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There's already 10.4.1 since yesterday - maybe give that a try.


  • We fixed a freeze of the Studio Pro UI that occurred while trying to synchronize managed Java dependencies in the background.

Hi Thomas,


Same here. Both in 10.3.1 and 10.4. For me, it occurs every now and then, but mostly when modifying Grid 2. Do you recognise that?


When you get the message, indicating the application is already open, you can validate that you don't accidentally have another MxStudioPro open. When not, click the ignore button to proceed.


The message is triggered by a lock file, set when starting MxStudioPro and removed when closed. The lock file isn't removed when you don't shut down gracefully. When starting a new session, it is detected. The ignore button continues the session. Two open MxStudioPro changing the same database could lead to unexpected behaviour and inconsistencies.