Error Code CE9802

After updating our in-development project to Studio Pro v. 10.4.0 and importing reusable components from a project in Studio Pro v. 9, we ran into the CE9802 error. The only module that had dependencies was reimported directly from the marketplace so we could ensure the new method of importing userlib dependencies was properly implemented. Even after making this change, whenever we try and run a synchronization for the dependencies we still get the following error:   We're wondering what can be done to clear this error, or if anyone has come across this before and was able to address it.   Thank you in advance!
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Hi Austin,


If Manual Synchronization is not removing the error, you could alternatively try the following CLI tool for clearing the unused userlib dependencies: mendix-userlib-cleaner. And if that still doesn't work, I suggest raising a ticket for more in-depth support by Mendix.


I hope that helps solve your issue, best regards!