Migrate Pie Chart / Color configuration

Hello,   I have to migrate an old pie chart with 4 different attributes to the newest version from Atlas Core 3. However, the color configuration of the slices is completely different here. If i put just one color it will change the colors of all slices, but if i try to enter many colors it will just not work. How is the correct configuration therefore ?  Thank you!  
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Hi Karsten, 

If you're using the chart widget I think you're using you can do the following:

1. Add a new file to your main app module > Styling > Web and call it com.mendix.charts.json




2. Copy the following:


    "layout": {

        "paper_bgcolor": "your color here",

        "colorway": [









If you want to change the background color, add it to paper_bgcolor, if not just remove it altogether or set it to "transparent".


3. Set enable theme folder config to Yes



Hope this helps!


For more info see the docs: Chart Configuration | Mendix Documentation

And the plotly layout configuration options: Layout in JavaScript (plotly.com)


Hello Nathan,


Thanks for your effort, I implemented it as you described, but it is still not working.

If it is that complicated in the new widget I'll leave the colors as they are standard Thanks