How to reduce .mpr size

Hi Developers! I'm facing an issue regarding the migration from SVN to Git because our current .mpr file is bigger than 100MB and that is one of the requirements to accomplish the process.   I tried a lot of things as remove modules, widgets but it seems that the size is not changing or at least I'm not seeing any update. I don't know if I need to commit the changes or I should be able to see the new size from the directory explorer.   If you can tell me what I can do to make it smaller I would really appreciate it.   Thanks in advance.  
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Beside the risk of reaching the sizelimits soon in Git you can do the following:

  1. Remove unused (marketplace) modules
  2. Remove all excluded items.
  3. Replace duplicate pages with snippet calls.
  4. Find Advanced for Unused Items and remove them (carefully, they may be used)
  5. Replace older UI attributes and conditional visibility with dynamic classes
  6. Find older Mendix construction like separated create and change actions and combine them with modern structures.
  7. Find for duplicate microflows and remove one.
  8. If marketplace place modules like community commons are used for some java actions, move them you another module and remove the marketplace module.


Yes, All very timeconsuming tasks.


After this use a tool like db-browser for sqlite

  1. Open the mpr-file (which is a sqlite database)
  2. Tools/Compact the database, select all databases.


Things that don't work:

  1. Remove widgets
  2. Remove unused jars from the userlib, usefull anyway
  3. SVN Cleanup


Big alternative is

  1. Split your app in multiple app (license needed)