2 Dropdown working together on the screen

Hi All,   I have built an Entity that has 2 Attributes: Field and Run.   Here is how it looks:   I would like to create a filter based on these 2 columns and use 2 dropdowns:   The filter works great like this, however I need to have these 2 drop down work together, meaning when a Field is selected, the Run should only get the values associated with the selected Field.   For example: if Berland Field is selected, the only option in the Run dropdown should be : Berland, Custody Transfer, Suspended   How do I push information to the Run dropdown when the Field selection has changed?   Any ideas on how to do this?    Thank you
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On selection of the first dropdown add an on change microflow action that refreshes the dataview containing the dropdowns. For the second dropdown make the source a microflow and set the input parameter to the dataview entity, retrieve the list for the second dropdown from the database and filter on the value selected in the first dropdown.