How to make a call REST GET from Mendix to Firebase

Hello, I am new to Mendix and I am developing a tracking app. I have some orders I want to display in the order page of my app. I made a pretty simple microflow with call REST (GET). There I pass the endpoint of Firebase and as a response I do import mapping. I created a new import maping that maps what I want form the JSON structure (orderID) with my Order entity in the Domain Model. The microflow then returns a List of JSON_Order. In the Order page I created a Listview and as data source I linked to my microflow. Insede the listview there is a text containing the orderID attribute from the Order entity. It looks pretty clear to me but when I click on the button that takes me to the Order page, I do not see anything displayed. I am also tracing the REST Consume in the Console and I get 200 OK response, which means that the connection to the API is working but it does not display the content in Mendix. I am wondering if anyone can help me, thank you. I have version 10.5
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Hey Miguel, but if you debug your Microflow you can set under Console -> Advanced -> Set Log levels... -> Rest Consume. Set Log Level to Trace. And then you can exactly see how your consuming data looks like. I think your error is somewhere in the json mapping.