Can we receive query parameters in Microflow URL?

Hi everyone!   I've been using the Deeplink Module for a while, and after upgrading to MX10, we want to switch to using Microflow URL. Currently, we have a cart link where clients can add Marketing utm parameters in the URL, such as utm_source and utm_campaign.   However, I'd like to retrieve the cart using a path parameter instead of a query parameter. The goal is to make it easier to index in some search console websites.   Essentially, I want to go from: to:   Do you have any insights on how I could achieve this result using Microflow URL?
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I don't believe it is currently possible to use the query string, only the path parameter when using a Microflow URL. This means using your example you could get the my-utm value, but not the utm_source value.


If it's just the my-utm value you need, give your microflow a parameter and use this in the URL.


If you need the query string values as well, then it is probably best to stick to using the Deeplink module.


Good luck!