Error when creating sign up for new user

Hello everyone, I try to create a new sign up page. But I faced with a problem. I just create an entity called registration to holds entity of data when registering new user. I just create a microflow for save user data after register, which have access to anonymous user     I want to save it to an entity called BranchAccount, which have generalization to Administration.Account. And I just set roles to anonymous.   This is the setting of security   I just set in the security in the MasterData and Administration on Marketplace Modules to allow Anonymous roles. But when I run the program, it throws What should I do with the settings of Anonymous roles to handle this case?
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Hi Fadil, 

You should not generalize it with the Account entity, because, an anonymous user cannot create and account object,

What you should do is, create an NPE and make the anonymous user fill in the registration for the NPE then in the signup button, validate the form and create the account object, give it a user role, and pass the values, from the form and commit it, this way, you will be able to sign up.


You can also, refer to this learning path by clicking on the link below:

Register Anonymous user

Let me know, if you have any issues,

Hope it helps!!!