Error message which states selected lay-out no longer exists.

Good afternoon, Can I please ask for a little help. I'm in a process of implementing 'Forgot Password' and am using Studio Pro version 9.24.0. I have successfully downloaded the 'Forgot Password Module' and dependencies and upon downloading, I'm getting the following error messages:     Can I please ask how I can overcome those errors. I have changed the Layout to one that exist on Studio Pro for testing purpose, and that gave more error messages as a result.   Thank you for your assistance!   Zohra :)
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Hello Zohra,


By looking into to documentation of the module you have a tab called Documentation, which will guide you to a step by step.

In your case, the problem is that the module has dependencies with another module and it's trying to find in your project those modules. 

You will need to download the other modules of the dependencies, in this case the email module and once you download it into your project it should fix those errors automatically.

Please pay attention in this part of the documentation: image.png


Hope it helps,


Rui Cunha