How to add inapp notification in mendix native

In our application there is a Inapp-notification functionality, I have to show the count of unread notification in dashboard without re-rendering or reload the page. The dashboard page is in navigation. I have used nanoflow to retrieve the list of data from database and mapped to non-persistable entity and shows the count of the unseen or unread notification in the dashboard. If I receive a new notification it should shows the count in dashboard without re-rendering the application.
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It depends on what you mean by re-rendering. I would use the Microflow timer widget to trigger the nanoflow after a certain time so you can refresh the object with the counter. This way you do not re-render the whole page but only that part of your form.





Hi Jayasree,


I would suggest taking a look at the app events widget found in Native Mobile Resources.  It has a timer functionality that can trigger a nanoflow either once after a delay or in a loop with a delay between each nanoflow trigger.


From what you are describing, you should be able to update a value or create a notification based on the nanoflow that gets triggered.


Hope this helps!