Problem displaying data between phone app and laptop

I'm using the free version of Studio Pro, and I've activated it on my mobile phone, Make Native10. I successfully registered the data by filling out the custom form in the Make Native10 app, and the data appeared correctly on my phone. However, when the app is reopened on the phone, the data is not displayed. On the other hand, when I try to view the data I recorded from Make Native10 on the laptop, no data appears on the screen. I checked the database and found that no data recorded over the phone is displayed. When I log data through my web based laptop, the data appears correctly and is stored in the database. Can you explain the reason for this discrepancy? Are there specific settings I need to configure to ensure compatibility between my phone and laptop? Is there a solution to this problem? Could there be a reason related to the trial use of the app? I appreciate your guidance to enable me to take full advantage of the application.
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Did you synchronize your data to the server after filling out the custom form on MiN10?


There's a difference between your native database (phone) and the server database. More information see:




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