Invalid value of a query parameter while calling an nanoflow

Hello team,  While calling an nanoflow in sign in page for login it throws an error as follows:    com.mendix.webui.WebUIException: Exception while executing runtime operation    at com.mendix.webui.actions.client.RuntimeOperationAction.$anonfun$apply$1(RuntimeOperationAction.scala:62)   Caused by: com.mendix.webui.WebUIException: Invalid value of a query parameter Processs_Helper_Mobile    at com.mendix.webui.actions.client.QueryUtil$.$anonfun$parseParameters$3(QueryUtil.scala:34)   Caused by: java.lang.AssertionError: assertion failed: Received BTIC_Mobile.Document while parameter should be BTIC_Mobile.Processs_Helper_Mobile   I have added breakpoint in nanoflow, but it didn't get  trigger. Help me to resolve this    
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  1. Primary Error - WebUIException:

    • com.mendix.webui.WebUIException suggests that there's an issue with the Mendix Web User Interface. This exception is a general category for errors that occur within the Mendix client-side framework.
  2. Runtime Operation Issue:

    • The part Exception while executing runtime operation at com.mendix.webui.actions.client.RuntimeOperationAction.$anonfun$apply$1(RuntimeOperationAction.scala:62) indicates that the error occurred during the execution of a runtime operation. This could be related to a custom action or interaction within the Mendix app.
  3. Invalid Query Parameter Value:

    • The error Invalid value of a query parameter Processs_Helper_Mobile at com.mendix.webui.actions.client.QueryUtil$.$anonfun$parseParameters$3(QueryUtil.scala:34) points to an issue where a query parameter is receiving an invalid value. Specifically, the parameter Processs_Helper_Mobile is expected to receive a certain type of value, but it's getting something different.
  4. Assertion Error:

    • Finally, java.lang.AssertionError: assertion failed: Received BTIC_Mobile.Document while parameter should be BTIC_Mobile.Processs_Helper_Mobile is an assertion error, which means that the system expected a specific type of object (in this case, BTIC_Mobile.Processs_Helper_Mobile) but received a different type (BTIC_Mobile.Document).

To resolve these issues, consider the following steps:

  • Check Parameter Types: Ensure that the Processs_Helper_Mobile parameter is being passed the correct type of object. It seems like it's expecting a Processs_Helper_Mobile object, but it's receiving a Document object instead.

  • Review Runtime Operations: Look at the specific runtime operation being performed at the point where the error occurs (as indicated by the stack trace). Make sure the logic is correct and that it's handling data types appropriately.

  • Debug and Test Thoroughly: Use Mendix's debugging tools to step through the code and observe where the mismatch happens. Pay particular attention to how and where Processs_Helper_Mobile and Document objects are used.

  • Review Custom Logic: If you have custom logic or Java actions, ensure that they are correctly implemented and are not causing type mismatches.


Hey Lavanya,


Nanoflow debugger only works in localhost that too only sometimes.


Now as per the error, it says there is parameter mismatch. It is expecting to receive Process_Helper_Mobile object but you are passing Document object. Check in the button what arguments are getting passed inside nanoflow.


Hope this helps.



Naman Khard