Rebase merge strategy naming conventions

I just stumbled upon this information nugget in the Mendix docs about the rebase merge strategy: Rebase in Mendix doc 3.1.1 Rebase Started After starting the rebase, your two commits (#3 and #5) are temporarily put aside, and Studio Pro shows the latest changes which were pulled from the server (which includes commits #2 and #4). Your work will be now referenced as ‘Theirs’, while the server changes will be ‘Mine’. This is opposite to the way that the work is labelled for a merge commit.   Is it just me, or is this naming convention a bit irritating, counter intuitive and prone to result in errors?
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Can anybody explain to me why Rebase is the new default?

Combine local and remote changes to get one long change log is better than to have separate commits?



I also think that this WILL cause issues because it's the opposite of what people are used to (for years).