How to have a dropdown from a custom list of strings (for text box auto-suggestions)

In my app users can create an Order. In the NewEdit page to create the Order there are also fields for Customer information, which will be saved in a separate Customer entity that is associated with that Order. For the Customer text boxes, I would like to show auto-complete suggestions in a dropdown when the user starts typing, similar to what the AutoComplete widget from the Marketplace does. My problem with that widget: When I select, for example, the Customer Name, the data context is changed to that specific Customer and all fields relating to Customer are auto-filled. If a user were to select a specific Customer and then enter a new Name in the field, it would also change that specific Customer in the database. I just want the Name of the Customer in order to fill that one field faster though, not to edit the Customer I got the Name from.   Essentially, I would like to have separate autocomplete suggestions for each field (Name, Address, etc.) that only affects that field alone. So for the Name field for example, how do I create a list of all Names of Customers in the database, make it so that list is filtered by what the user is typing, and let the user select one of the options? Or is there an easier way to achieve what I'm trying to do? I hope my explanation made sense.   Edit: The Autocomplete&Multiselect widget from the Marketplace +  does what I was looking for (sort of).
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Hello Natalie,


If I read it correctly, it sounds that every field should be a separate entity, because you want to 'mix' between names, addresses, etc. 


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