Association change after upgrading Mendix 9.24.5 to 10.6.1

Hello there, I have made the upgrade of Mendix version and had to install a newer version of Workflow Commons, that originated the change of the association WorkflowUserTask_Assignee from reference to reference set and also from 1-* to *-*, which caused errors. Has anyone had this problem? I need to have a single object coming from this.
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Hello ,


I have previously answered about this question in Turkish. This English translation and the relevant answer and explanation with pictures are in the link below.


"Yes, the relationships you mentioned in Mendix 9.24 were one to many, but in Mendix 10.03 they became many to many. The structure was like this in the photo 9.24 below. If you look at the next photo for 10.3, they used this method for Currentuser. Due to this change, there have also been changes in the page configurations. If you review the configurations on the "TaskDasboard" page in 10.3 Workflows Commons, you can change your own scenario structure accordingly. The problem will probably be solved, good luck."