creating a basic Application

Hi, I am trying to create basic pages for Login and signup to show in the UI when I run the application, without creating any domain model or microflows, but I am getting an error saying "No entity configured for the data source of this data view. Select an entity or change the data source."  And also I have created Login page just by turning on the production which gave me default login page, but I am not able to see that page to navigate it to the next page. Can anyone help me with this problem?
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Hi Spoorthi YU

While you are using a data view widget you have to select the entity that has the attribute you need

In your case, you have a login page that has a data view widget this data view needs an entity from the domain model. This error will also appear in the sign-up page

For the navigation you have to set the home page in the navigation image.png


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