Weird DataGrid2 data source

Hi community,   I'm facing a pretty strange issue with the DataGrid2 widget. I nested the DataGrid2 inside a DataView which holds an entity called UserAccount. I want to display associated UserAccounts in the DataGrid2.   So my go-to was to use the "Association" datasource, where I had the following associations available:   The association "UserAccount_ManagedUserAccount" is missing, but when I switch to data source "Database" I see the following associations:     Also in this view the UserAccount_Domain association is not visible. Do I understand something wrong here about Associations or why do I have to select the association in the database data source?   BR Syman
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Could be related to the multiplicity/navigability of the association. You can take a look at the documentation for more info on that. Depending on the settings, you might not be able to manage associated objects.