How to make system calculate grades and another question on how to limit a trainee to register on maximum 5 courses at one time

Good morning,   Can you please assist me with my below two questions:   1. As a teacher, I want the system to calculate who from the attending students have passed the training event. 2. As a student, I should only be able to register myself for maximum of five training courses at one time.   I would greatly appreciate any bit of help as I'm stuck on how I can achieve the above two functions on Studio Pro.    Thank you so much for your assistance and time.   Kind regards, Zohra :)  
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Hi Zohra,

There is a good introduction to using calculations in this section of the Rapid Course.

Of course the exact solution depends on your domain model, but in general you would want to retrieve a list of objects and then select to aggregate (eg count, avg) or use operations (eg filter, equals).


The first you should be able to retrieve the associated student registrations (expecting you would store passed/failed there) from a training course and filter the list only to show the passed (or use an xpath in the retrieve to only return the the 'passed' objects.

For the second I would think you would want to count the number of registrations related to a student (similar logic to the Rapid Course section) and use that value to show/hide a 'add registration' button.


There are other solutions, I could think of, but these should be pretty easy to implement.