Font in Document Template

Good Morning, I want to create a document with the document template in Mendix. My problem is that the document contains bulgarian language and the characters in there are not showing in the resulting pdf. I stumbled across some forum and blog posts about the usage of the correct font and exporting as pdf/a. My problem is, that I don't understand what the document creation in Mendix is doing and why it is requesting which font. If I set the font family to Courier (by using the dropdown in the style properties of the document) it wants me to have Courier embedded and configured in fop.xconf. I get that. If I overwrite this by setting the font-family to arial (for example), it throws an error, telling me, that Times-Roman is not embedded. If I remove the pdf/a setting it is exporting the document in Times. Can someone explain where this Times Roman thing is coming from and how I can force the document creation to only use a specific font?   Thank you.
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Hi Andreas,


Did you try using a font by putting it under custom styles as a font-family?


I had similar issue (characters not visible) with Russian language characters and it was fixed when I used font-family: "centurygothic"; under custom styles in document template.