How can I access the current users email in xpath on data grid?

Hello experts:) How can I access the current user's email in xpath so I can filter this data grid dynamically? I have an entity called employee in this data grid and I should filter the data according to the current user's email. It would have been simple if the data source came from a microflow  or if I could have accessed the variable with the desired email from a data view for example(data view object not available in xPath unfortunately)but if I use Microflow as a source I no longer have the possibility to have a search bar and it is mandatory to have that search bar(so the microflow variant is excluded) I tried to retrieve the current email from the Account entity (being that in this entity is theoretically the user's email and I have the inheritance made with the data grid entity)but it doesn't return anything if I do so (although I find it strange since xpath constraint on Account entity returns only the current user's data) I tried to put the page where the data grid is in a microflow where I save the current user's email in a variable before entering the page and I pass that variable after in xpath but even that does not work. Do you have any idea how I can access the current user's email in this case? I've asked this question before on the forum and I haven't received an answer to my problem.Is there something I'm doing wrong?I thought I'd send a ticket to mendix because I can't find a solution anywhere. Thank you:)
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Hi Cojocareanu Cosmin-Florentin

Please see this

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