How to create a save button in the layout?

Hi,   I have created a button at the top of the layout. This button is used to close the page I am currently at and go to the previous page. On pages with forms I would like this button to send me a message telling me that I have unsaved changes and if I want to save them. If so, save the changes. The problem is that since the button is in the layout and the forms can be different entities, I don't know how to do this.   Does anyone know how to do it? Thanks
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Hi Mikel,


I think this may be able to help you: Mendix Marketplace component.


This component can help you implement an alert with a message that tells you when you have unsaved changes. For example if you are about to cancel a form, and you implement this module, the following alert would appear on the screen before disregarding any changes:



I hope this is something that can help you, best regards!