Reload string translations from widget mpk into project

Hi. In both pluggable and classic widgets you can define translatable strings and when you add a widget to a page the translations are there out of the box. However, if you download a new version of the widget where additional languages were added, existing widgets on pages don't get the translations! To reproduce: add  FileDropper widget to a page Inside widgets/com.mendix.widget.custom.FileDropper.mpk edit FileDropper.xml and into "textDropZone" add a new translation: <translation lang="de_DE">AASDSADSADSADSAASDASDSADAD</translation> In studio press F4 to Synchronize App Directory. After that you should get the error "widget definition changed". Click "Update all widgets" In "Language" > "language settings" click "Add" and add "German, Germany" Switch current language to "German, Germany" Edit the page, File Dropper properties, tab "Texts" and observe that the property "Dropzone" is not translated ( there's a stub value within angle brackets) Add another File Dropper widget to the page and and observe that its property "Dropzone" is translated _
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