How to Related object list in a Table ?

Hello, In Teamcenter The customer request Object is related to Physical Part using 'A5_HasPart' Relation , The Physical Part is related to parameter using 'A5_HasParameter' Relation, Actual value and Expected Value are Relation Property of 'A5_HasParameter' I used seperate microflows for fetching Physical Part and Parameter. The First microflow will return the list of Physical Part Related to Customer Request Object. And The second microflow will take those list of Physical part as input and return List of Parameters.   After running the application , It is showing like the following picture,      Now it is just returning list for both the cases. But I want to show Parameters for related Physical Parts only, not in straight up list format. How to do that? 
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If I understand correctly, When clicking on Physical Part PP2, you only want to see the Parameters P1 and P2 related to the selected Physical Part?

To achieve that, you could use a dataview that listens to the first listview.


In my example, I am using retrieves via database and association, but of course you can use microflows as datasource. In the datasource MF within the dataview, you have the 1 selected object from the left side list view available as a parameter.

Hope this helps.