Product Configurator and Reference selector query

Hello Mendix Community!   I hope you are having a lovely day.   I am working on a project for developing a product configurator. The product is an electrical product. Problem statement- The user (customer) must be able to select the options of sub-parameters from the available parameters and based on his selection the software must give him a price quotation and a techincal data sheet of whatever he/she has selected.   Thins done by me so far- I have created three entities in the domain Model   There are different parameters to this products: for example- current rating is the parameters and the sub-parameters will be 5 amp, 10 amp, etc.  Voltage will be the second parameter and the sub parameters will be like 12V, 24V, etc   So I want that the administrator must be able to add/edit/delete the parameters and sub parameters, hence I have create pages for it where he/she can do that.   Also, what I want is the customer must be able to select the subparameters to generate a price quotation and the technical data sheet. so for the user/customer the parameters (which were added by the administrator) must be visible and the he must be able to select the dependent sub-parameters.   Problems wich I am facing are- 1) In the input page where we take the data from the user/customer i.e. we ask him to give his selection must show a list of parameters and then a dependent drop-down of the sub-parameters. how do I do that? 2) how to create a technical data sheet based on his selection
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