Is my Fitness application doable in Mendix?

Hi everyone,  i want to create a fitness application project and I chose Mendix as a tool to create such app, I would like to know if Mendix is capable of creating this project, here is the description of the project:   The fitness application is designed as an application for online coaching. Roles that would use this application are Trainers and Clients. The client can see a list of all available trainers, and can choose the trainer he wants. The trainer can see a list of his clients, and by clicking on a particular client, the next page opens where he can choose whether he wants to create an exercise program for that particular client, a diet plan or see information about that client. The client can see the exercise program and diet plan that the specific trainer has created for him and can enter weekly measurements so that the trainer can see his progress. Likewise, in order to facilitate communication between them, there would be a chat system where the trainer could communicate with all his clients, and the client could communicate only with his trainer.   Thank you in advance for any comments!
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Hi Dorijan, 

Yes it is doable in Mendix, please check the below video,

Build a Fitness-Tracking App | Mendix