Tab Data Duplication

I am capturing different data for 3 shifts in tab container, What I enter in shift A tab container, the same values are copied to shift B and shift C. Tab Data Duplication occurs  
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YOu probably are using the same record and atributes in the different tabs. THen entering data in attribute 1 of the object will ensure that the data in tab 2 and 3 show the data for the object, which would be the same.

To work like this you would need 1 object that connects to 3 shift objects. Create a dataview holding the object and on the tabs add separate dataviews that have a microflow datasource that creates the shift 1, shift 2 and shift 3 records. Or create the records and retrieve the records with a data source microflow on the dataviews on the tabs. Alternatively you could use a datagrid 2 displaying the different shift records and edit the data in the grid.

Depending on your requirements one solution might fit better than the other, but the important part is that you need different objects to capture the different shift records.