Security Vulnerabilities issues

Hello there! thank you in advance I am working in a project we have deployed the project on aws cloud during the security testing we found some vulnerabilities like "A client might overload the server by issue frequent RST frames. This can cause a massive amount of load on the remote system and so cause a DDOS attack. ### ImpactThis is a DDOS attack, any http2 server is affected and so you should update as soon as possible.### PatchesThis is patched in version 4.1.100.Final.### WorkaroundsA user can limit the amount of RST frames that are accepted per connection over a timeframe manually using either an own `Http2FrameListener` implementation or an `ChannelInboundHandler` implementation (depending which http2 API is used).### References- "   This is the Package "io.netty:netty-codec-http2" that i have updated and even after I have upgraded the version the vulnerability still remains is there any way i can resolve the issue.
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