Custom Login Page with Microflow URL

Hi I using Microflow URL If I'm logged in I'll be directed to the page I want via the link below ex) http://localhost:8080/p/user/12345 If I'm not logged in, directed to the default login page with Microflow URL  ex) http://localhost:8080/#/user/12345 And If login is successful, go to Microflow URL >> http://localhost:8080/p/user/12345 I using custom login page, but I'm not logged in, directed to the custom login page  The page url is shown below ex) http://localhost:8080 I want to put Microflow url on the link like the default login page even on the custom login page. Is there a way?      
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if your custom login is SSO then you can rebuild the url with the cont= parameter (please read documentation to see if this is still the correct name). If you follow the normal mendix login (username and password) you could perhaps use the browser session variables to redirect the user after login?


if the user is anonymous, set a session variable with the url to goto after login and redirect to login. If the login is succesfull check for the session variable, if available then use the value for the redirect and remove the session variable? Make sure to build a mechanism to clean/overwrite session variables if the user decides not to login and perhaps press another link. Session variables are removed automatically when the browser tab is closed.