Javascript Snippet on Data Grid 2 error on custom class *EDIT* onclick=select()

Hi Mendix community,   I currently have a problem with javascript/jQuery on the data grid 2 javascript snippet.   We are using a function to select the text in a input field for easy input, we have used this in other places with a listview with great results and working as expected.   I have noticed that the javascript snippet has a Note that states that 'this' will be replaced by the widget unique classname.With this we have added the function as follows:   $(".myClass").click(function (e) { $(".myClass").select(); });   however it is still replacing $(".myClass") with the widget unique classname and giving me an error of "TypeError: "javaScriptSnippet3_lth1pumocjcqybj0hnk".select is not a function".   data grid 2 setup looks like this:     Please let me know how I can fix this. Regards, Vincent   **** EDIT **** The basic functionality I am looking for is the onclick="select()" that can be added to a HTML input field as follows "<input type="text" id="input1" onclick="select()">"   How can I achieve this with a input field in the datagrid 2?
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