How to migrate togit?

I want to migrate my application from svn to Git. There's no proper instruction to navigate and migrate to git.   Thanks in Advance!
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Hi Pallavi,


Here is the docu how you can do it on a running app

It works when your main line is on 9.24 or above.


When creating a new app, there is a checkbox in the mendix popup to select between svn and git.


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Hi Pallavi,


If  I understand you in the right way, here some insights maybe will assist you:


Migrating your application from SVN to Git in Mendix Studio Pro involves a series of steps. Here's a general guide to help you with the migration process:


  1. Git Installation:

    • Ensure Git is installed on your machine. You can download it from
  2. Git Repository:

    • Create a new Git repository where you want to migrate your Mendix application.

Migration Steps:

  1. Export from SVN:

    • Use your SVN client (e.g., TortoiseSVN) to export the entire Mendix project from SVN to a local directory.
  2. Clean Up:

    • Remove any files and folders that are not necessary for your Mendix application (e.g., .svn folders).
  3. Initialize Git Repository:

    • Open a terminal/command prompt, navigate to your project's directory, and run the following commands:
      git init git add . git commit -m "Initial commit" 
  4. Connect to Remote Git Repository:

    • Link your local Git repository to the remote repository you created earlier.
      git remote add origin <repository_url> git push -u origin master 
  5. Configure .gitignore:

    • Create a .gitignore file to exclude files that shouldn't be tracked by Git. A typical Mendix .gitignore might include:
      /deployment/ /.project /.classpath /.settings/ /target/ 
  6. Commit and Push:

    • Commit any changes to the .gitignore file and push to the remote repository.
  7. Update Studio Pro Project Information:

    • Open your Mendix project in Mendix Studio Pro.
    • Navigate to the "Version Control" tab in the "Project Explorer" panel.
    • Update the Version Control settings to point to your new Git repository.
  8. Commit and Push from Studio Pro:

    • Use the Mendix Studio Pro interface to commit and push your project to the new Git repository.
  9. Test and Verify:

    • Ensure that your application works as expected after migration.
    • Collaborate with your team members to synchronize the changes and test the collaborative workflow.


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