How can I remove the default login page from my Mendix project ?

Hello, I have developed a Web App using Mendix I have created my own login page and even set the settings for it to open when the app is launching, and it does to normally but sometimes in the Mendix cloud environment I am getting the Mendix default login page instead of the page I have created. That is why I want to disable or remove that page. Like normally the URL on launching comes as : localhost:8085/index.html and I am able to see my own login page but sometimes the launching URL comes as : localhost:8085/login.html and I get the Mendix default login page. I am not able to find the page within the mendix too.
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Hello Tushar

To use your custom login page:

1. Double-check your project settings to ensure that your custom login page is set as the default login page. Go to "Project" -> "Navigation" and verify that your custom login page is selected under "Authentication" -> "Sign-in page" or under "Default login page" and make sure that under "Role-based home pages" you select the correct home page for each user role.

2. Review your navigation structure to ensure that there are no links or references to the default login page. 

3. Sometimes, browser cache can cause unexpected behavior. Try clearing your browser cache and then accessing your application again to see if the issue persists.


I recommend you read the  on the Mendix academy. 

It will take you through building your own custom login and much more.


And for reaching to login.html page, you can find the it by navigating to project/App from the toolbar -> "Show App Directory" -> "theme" -> "web" -> "login.html"