Synchronization error while running native app on local android device

I've been working on a native application for the past couple of months, but for the past few days, i keep getting the error: "Your changes cannot be synchronized at this moment. They will be synchronized later" whenever i launch the makeitnative app. I have tried deleting all local data, but no luck. My co-workers aren't facing the same problem, so i don't think it's an issue with the code either. I am working with a oneplus phone for testing purposes. Please let me know how to fix this issue, if any of you have come across the same. I have attached a screenshot of the error thrown as well. I'm using mendix version 9.24.16.   Thank you!  
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Hi Siddharth Reddy,

I encountered a similar issue, and the solution that worked for me is as follows: Google Play Store released a new version of "Make it Native 9" on March 12, 2024, which is causing this error. Therefore, I downloaded the previous version of the "Make it Native 9" app, and now it's working for me. I've attached the APK file for your reference.


If you are facing a similar issue with any other version, you can try downloading the previous version of the Make it Native 9 APK using APKPure and check if it works.


any updates for this question?