Best practices for development of Mendix modules?

Hi,   I am reaching out to you to learn more about different teams manage the development of modules for the (private) marketplace. What are your approaches to govern the development of reusable compoments within your team or even across distributed teams within a company?   For example:   Centralized Wrapper Application: Do you manage all your modules within a single "Wrapper" application, developing and releasing new versions from this centralized app?  Separate Applications for Each Module: Alternatively, is each module developed within its own dedicated app?  Version Control and Development via GitHub: Another strategy could involve storing modules as *.mpk files in a GitHub repository, importing/exporting them to and from Studio Pro for further development.   Which methods have you found to be most effective in ensuring smooth development cycles and robust module management? Are there particular challenges or advantages you've encountered with your chosen strategy?   Thanks!
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Whenever one of our marketplace modules needs an update, the changes are usually applied to one app at first, so that it can be tried and tested by one team in a production setting before any other apps decide to upgrade their version to the latest. The altered module is then uploaded to the marketplace and becomes the new version. This requires some communication between teams, but it doesn't require any centralisation method other than the marketplace itself.