Redirecting to Default Login Page Despite Customization

Hello everyone, I'm currently using Mendix version 9.24.15 and have created a web application with it. The issue I'm encountering is that instead of using the default Mendix login page, I've implemented my own custom login page. I've configured the settings accordingly in the Navigation area. Typically, I can see my custom login page without any problems. However, occasionally when accessing the application on the Mendix cloud, the URL changes to http://localhost:8085/login.html?profile=Responsive, which redirects to the default Mendix login page. Is there any way to disable or delete this login page or URL so that I'm not redirected to the default login page in any scenario?
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When the page does exist the address bar of the browser might redirect you to this page.

A possible option would be to add a redirect in the login.html page to a page url for the custom login page.

The redirect can be accomplished by adding something like below in your login.html page:

<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0;URL=https://yourappurl/p/loginpage” />