GIT and Version Control Issues Code 128

Hi Everyone,   We recentlty migrated our Project from Studio Pro 9.24.12 to 10.6.4 MTS Version. There has been a lot of changes in terms of Version Control and Pull Strategy (Rebase and Merge being the choices while Pulling)   As Mendix recommends Rebase, our team members were always using Rebase while pulling and it worked fine for a month. But offlate, we have seen everybody getting a GIT Issue Code 128 error everytime while Pulling (doesnt matter whether Rebase or Merge Strategy)  /file?guid=19703248379361337   I am attaching the logs and screenshots of the error. Has anybody faced this issue or aware of any probable solution to this.    It has started affecting  our Productivity now because everytime this happens, we have to redownload the entire project again and manually export our local changes to MPK and re-import in the newly cloned project source code wasting a lot of time
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So you are saying that if you download the project, you are fine? What if you create a new branch from that? Will that work when you merge back?

If you browse for similar errors, sometimes it is suggested there might be duplicate ssh.exe files (related to git and tortoise installations)