Mendix Request URL

The default access address prefix for internal requests that occur during Mendix program runtime is localhost: port/request address. Now, I need to add/newpay fixed address after this default prefix when a request occurs. How should I configure it? for example Request URL:http://localhost:8089/icon/u54.svg   I would like to modify it to:http://localhost:8089/newpay/icon/u54.svg (All requests in Mendix) Looking forward to everyone's reply. Thank you!
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This is something related to web logic, you need to use nginx to rewrite a new url for your application.

For example:

location /newpath/ {
    alias /path/to/your/static/files/;
    # or proxy_pass http://your_mendix_app_backend;
    # and rewrite the URL if necessary

For mendix cloud, you need to use custom domains,


Hope that will help.