Different tabs - need totals displayed on each tab

Good Morning,   I have a tab container - a data grid on each tab, each showing data for a different department. I want a total to show on each tab for the respective data grid.   All 4 microflows for working out the totals are called when the button is pressed to go to the page however only the last microflow called shows the total. The rest say zero. If you update the filters on a tab, the total then works out for that data grid and the one that did have data then shows as zero.    What is the best way to get them all to show consistently?     Thanks   Jess      
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Hello Jessica,


First thing I would do is to debug your DS_TimeLogMultiProject_All_Optimised and check the input parameters and go step by step through the flow and check the variables. I have the feeling that the first time it is executed your flow misses some input values.


Other things to consider are maybe not using a datagrid but a dataview, if i understand right that you want to give a summary of a list. Further, i see that you use multiple TotalHours Dataview are they showcasing the same object or different objects and how is the association to timelog, this can be by the way maybe also a source why it is not working.


Hope this gives some direction!


Good luck


Hi Jessica , 


Can you check the below forum posts , hope the answers added in those forums will help you to fix your issue





Hi Jessica Parsons,


you can do it on Page refresh. So that you can solve this.

To calculate all at once and assign all of them at once.


The datasource of that datagrid should be microflow.


Hope you get it.




Thanks all,


One of links sent by Stella suggested clicking refresh on page on each tab which works on all accept the default tab for all users. So thank you, nearly there.


Weird bits that could do with some help if possible please:


1) Total hrs not updating when first going into the page on the default tab but if you go to a different tab then go back in it works.

2) When we put a breakpoint on to the microflow that works out the total it works correctly as expected. As soon as we take the breakpoint off, it doesn't work. This makes no sense to me. Why would that be?

3) When we put the default as a different tab it works completely. Again makes no sense to me.


If anyone can help I would appreciate it. 


Thanks so much