Data grid 2 dropdown filter issue

Hi guys,   I am using data grid 2 in that I am using two drop-down filters. After applying the filter, it shows the related details, but after clicking on any one item of the filtered result, it will show one page. After clicking back on the browser, it shows all details, not filtered results. In data grid 2, on click, I have given one microflow that is showing the page only. Is there any other way to give a microflow for a change in data grid 2 without giving it in the data grid itself?
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Hi Karthikeyan C,


If you want to hold the search string in memory or context, you must configure the 'Configurations > Saved attribute' in the properties of the specific filter widget. This way you can navigate to detail page and back to overview and keep your search results. So create an entity that is associatied with your user, and save the value in a specific attribute for that filter.

I'm actually building it right now in one of my projects:



Good luck!


I am not exactly sure what scenario you are describing.

Is it this?

- In page 1 containing datagrid 2 you apply a filter

- you click on a record in datagrid 2 to navigate to page 2

- you use the browsers back button to go back from page 2 to page 1


In that case you can add a button to page 2 which only does a close page activity. The filter changes in page 1 will still be there.