Export documentation information cant put more information in the information?

We are creating many Entities and Attributes and would like to visually check the setting.   For example, the setting of Localize in Date and Time type. It is difficult to open and check more than 5000 Entities one by one in the UI, so I would like to know if there is any way to output them to export documentation.
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Hi Ryuta,

The "export documentation" feature has no configuration options.

I see several possibilities, but it depends on heavily on your use case.


- use the model sdk to inspect the model: https://docs.mendix.com/apidocs-mxsdk/mxsdk/

- create an odata service for the entities you want to inspect and the export the metadata. You can easily create an odata service by right clicking on an entity and selecting "expose as odata resource"

- query the database outside of Mendix using database tooling such as sql server mgt studio in case of sql server.

- post an idea on the forum and hope that other users upvote it and Mendix will be triggered to add a feature.


And there may be more options i did not think of.

I hope this give you some options to look into.