How to implement the button action in email module.

Hi,       I am having a requirement of implementing button click action in the email content, that is the end user can able to approve or reject. If the end user clicks on the approve button the desired request needs to be approved and vice versa. This action need to take place in mailbox itself other than redirecting to the mendix application and the mail needs to be triggered to the requestor saying that the request is approved or rejected . Kindly post your thoughts and suggestions. Thanks Karthikeyan S B
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Hi Karthikeya,

You can create two deeplink microflows ( one for approve and one for reject), and give their URL in the email buttons as href, Now in the deeplink URL you can expect a GUID of the Request object itself and then perform the logic of approving or rejecting the request.

Now, once the user clicks on the button, the respective microflow will get triggered, and your logic would be Performed.

Hope it helps!