How do I write logic where I can assign current iterator value and another list value to the same object?

I  have two lists. I'm running a loop through list A of items. Inside the loop, I create an object of different type and I assign iterator A attribute to its "label".  The next thing that I want to do is, assign the object of list B with A's current row number to the other attribute "value".    How do I achieve this? As I can't find any inbuilt function which gives the object when row number/index is given as input.  Without this option, it seems challenging as I can't assign list A to list X (as you see of different names) even though they are of the EXACT same type.( generalized by the same entity and contains no other attributes other than those)
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Hi Priya,

  • To do this, you need to create a microflow that takes the current row number as input and retrieves the object from List B where the "value" attribute matches this row number.
  • You can use a loop with a microflow to iterate over List B and find the object with the matching "value" attribute.
  • Inside the loop, add a decision to check if the "value" attribute of the current object equals the current row number.
  • If it does, return this object.
  • If it doesn't, continue iterating until you find the matching object.

Let me know if that helps or you need any additional help or screenshot for the same.